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            Product customization

            Feidianchem always puts emphasis on creation and innovation. Besides being devoted to the research and development of organosilicon, it also attaches great importance to the research and innovation in the organosilicon area. The R&D team of Feidianchem not only enjoys the advanced experiment conditions but also consists of professionals from various fields and therefore realizing the integration of products from research and development to application.

            Feidianchem advocates a profound collaboration with its clients. As the terminal users, only clients can provide information that accurately reflects the market demands. After reckoning with  different industry backgrounds and market demands, the R&D team of Feidianchem try to fulfill the optimum allocation of R&D resources so that it can launch products meeting market demands and with more competitiveness. All of which ensure Feidianchem the first-rate organosilicone surfactant supplier in the domestic market since its establishment.

            At present, the products independently researched and developed by Feidianchem have their wide application in dozens of industries such as artificial stone, halogen-free flame retardant cable, modified plastics and so on. The R&D team of Feidianchem will listen to your needs with a sincere attitude and help you solve problems from the professional aspect. Developing with clients and joining in other forces to improve the manufacturing industry in China remain the eternal vision of Feidianchem.

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            Zhejiang Feidian Chemical Co., Ltd.
            address :JINGUI Mansion NO.387,Gudun Road, Hangzhou, China
            Tel: +86 0571-88862882
            Fax: +86 0571-81902782
            WeChat No.: feidianchem